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Trevor Noah says Trump supporters should be really worried right now

"Donald Trump got elected based on a lot of campaign promises. Less than a week later, he's dropping them like they're a woman who just turned 45."

On Monday’s Daily Show, Trevor Noah reacted to Donald Trump’s first few days as president-elect and what they will mean for his presidency. Noah said he was worried as an immigrant and black man about the prospect of a Trump administration, but now that he has been elected, Trump is showing that the real people who should be worrying right now are his supporters.

[arve url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TtTld5wOyUs&t=15s”%5D

“Donald Trump got elected based on a lot of campaign promises,” Noah explained. “Less than a week later, he’s dropping them like they’re a woman who just turned 45.”

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“Excuse me, wait,” Noah said in reaction to Trump’s suggestion he might accept a fence instead of a wall across the Mexico border. “Did that guy just negotiate himself from a wall to a fence? What happened there? … Humpty Dumpty’s like ‘What the f*ck, Donald! I can’t sit on a fence! I’m not Paul Ryan!'”

That’s not the only campaign promise Trump has walked back on already, including locking up Hillary Clinton and cleaning up Washington. Watch the clip for more.

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