Last Week Tonight Television

John Oliver just spent an entire show slamming Donald Trump (and Pence and media and voters and everyone)

You're going to want to watch this 29-minute tribute to "a truly terrible year."

John Oliver did something he has never done before. On this Sunday’s Last Week Tonight, Oliver devoted an entire episode to a single topic: Donald Trump and his surprise victory in the “20(f**king)16” election. “It turns out, instead of showing our daughters that they could some day be president,” Oliver began. “America proved that no grandpa is too racist to become leader of the free world.”

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Oliver admitted that he has tried to put the election into perspective and forget about the implications, but then he remembers that Donald Trump was endorsed by a grand wizard of the KKK, “and 60 millions people voted for him despite that.” He then remembered the Supreme Court and how Trump will now have control over the confirming the next nominee.

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Oliver was then reminded that Trump will be leader of the military. This is a man who during his campaign said he would bomb civilians and waterboard. He will also have the nuclear codes.

“How the f**k did we get here? And what the f**k do we do now?” Watch the episode to see how Oliver tries to answer that question. And make sure you watch to the end, when Oliver brings Americans together to give a rousing tribute to “a truly terrible year.”

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