Trevor Noah imagines how Trump’s awkward first meeting with Obama went down

On Thursday’s Daily Show, Trevor Noah joked about the awkwardness of Donald Trump’s first meeting with President Barack Obama. A peaceful transfer of power from one president to the next required that the two should meet, but Trevor didn’t think it would happen two days after the election. “Does it have to happen so quickly?” Trevor asked. “It’s like if your dad dies and your mom starts dating at the funeral.”

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Comparing the exchange to “meeting your worst Twitter enemy in person,” Trevor showed what the two power players must have been thinking during their talk. Obama’s thoughts played clips of Trump calling for his birth certificate, while Trump’s thoughts played clips of Obama saying he is not fit to lead the nation.

In the room, though, they both seemed very cordial. “That is one one hell of a performance, especially by President Obama,” Noah said, “which means at least one black person should get nominated for an Oscar this year.”

Watch the clip for more.

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