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Trevor Noah: “Once again, Trump benefits from a bulls**t college”

"I know its real, but my mind can't accept it."

On Wednesday’s Daily Show, Trevor Noah recapped the results of the 2016 presidential election. Donald Trump won the election, although Hillary Clinton won the popular vote. “Hillary Clinton lost by getting more votes. Trump got 200,000 fewer votes, but he won the presidency because he had 279 electoral votes,” Noah remarked. “So once again, Trump benefits from a bullshit college,” Trevor joked, referring to the Electoral College and the failed Trump University.

[arve url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-z4bwpdqO-0″%5D

Noah pointed out that he when he called the Electoral College “bullshit,” he was only saying what the president—or, the president-elect—has said. He showed a tweet from Trump in 2012 saying, “The Electoral College is a disaster for democracy.”

He then pointed out that now is the time for Trump to redeem himself. “Since Trump won the election, no one can deny that he has been a phenomenal president-elect. It’s been a great 19 hours. In fact, I say we use this opportunity to start over with Trump. We should try.” A graphic popped up beside Noah showing that Trump had already gone one day without an incident. “Now it’s only 1,459 to go.”

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