Late Night Television

Seth Meyers looks at Donald Trump’s sputtering campaign as election nears

"Trump's fear of alligators solidifies his role as 2016's Captain Hook."

Seth Meyers took “A Closer Look” on Monday’s Late Night at Donald Trump’s last-ditch effort to make something of his floundering campaign. After the final debate against Hillary Clinton last week, it became clear that Trump was grasping at straws. He lashed out at the media, saying they rigged the election against him, and made personal attacks against Clinton, calling her a “nasty woman.” Meyers pointed out that Trump is so paranoid that he told a group of supporters in Florida over the weekend that he was afraid of getting eaten by alligators in the everglades, which “solidifies his role as 2016’s Captain Hook.” Watch the clip to see Seth break down the latest from Trump’s meltdown.

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