Late Night Television

Seth Meyers mocks Donald Trump for his ongoing gaffes and hypocrisies

"Trump has essentially been in the middle of the same run-on sentence for about a year now."

Seth Meyers took “A Closer Look” at Donald Trump’s terrible week and his ongoing collection of gaffes and hypocritical statements on Tuesday’s Late Night. The Republican nominee spent the last week reeling from his poor debate showing, blaming his microphone and attacking former Miss Universe Alicia Machado. “And then Trump,” said Meyers, “who has spent days attacking Hillary Clinton for her husband’s infidelities, claimed that Hillary herself had probably cheated on Bill.”

“Of course, Trump’s own first marriage ended when he cheated on [Ivana] with his eventual second wife,” said Meyers, of Trump’s affair with Marla Maples. “So you might think maybe this isn’t the best argument for Trump to make—which is why the Trump team sent their best man, Rudy Giuliani, to go on TV and make it again.” Meyers cued a clip of Giuliani calling the attack “fair game.” Watch below to see how Meyers responded.

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