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Colin Jost and Michael Che take on election news in Weekend Update return

"It's like when you wake up hungry and there's nothing in your fridge, but you check again 20 minutes later as if something good is gonna magically appear. But, nope—just tang and prunes."

Saturday Night Live returned this weekend and that meant the return of Michael Che and Colin Jost as the hosts of Weekend Update. Che and Jost came back from summer hiatus with fresh takes on the presidential election and the Colin Kaepernick controversy.

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This is now the pair’s third season as co-hosts of the news segment and their delivery is improving every year. They now have great chemistry as they interact between jokes, and they’ve used their respective races to give informed commentary on race relations in America. At one point Jost pointed out that Clinton was too bold to use James Brown’s “I Feel Good” to dispel pneumonia rumors, because James Brown died of pneumonia. Che added, “If she actually had black friends, she would have knew that.”

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