Samantha Bee on the debate: Like watching ‘American democracy play Russian roulette’

Samantha Bee’s Full Frontal usually airs on Monday night, but because it would have aired during the debate, Bee and company delayed their episode until Wednesday night in order to give the debate a proper ribbing. As a result, she gave a more detailed and impassioned recap than the other late night hosts who were forced to react immediately Monday night.

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Bee admitted that Trump started out civil, assuming “Kellyanne Conway’s control collar worked for about 20 minutes.” But then he started interrupting Clinton. “Shush, the lady has the talking stick. Don’t insult her until you’re asked to insult her!” said Bee. She then showed the clip of Trump saying Clinton doesn’t have the “stamina” to be president. “Just say penis, Don. Three-syllable words don’t suit you.”

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According to Bee, Clinton “spent months building an elaborate trap for Trump and he lumbered right into it,” as he went off the rails to rail against her. “All she had to do was step out of the way while he called a woman fat.”

“Those wily Clinton bastards knew there are three things Trump can’t resist,” Bee said. “Calling women names, doubling down, and making dumb mistakes on Fox & Friends.”

Watch the clips for more.

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