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Trevor Noah on the first debate: ‘Welcome to the Real Life Version of Twitter’

"At that point, Lester Holt wasn't even moderating anymore, he was just eating popcorn like everyone else."

Trevor Noah went live Monday’s Daily Show to immediately respond to the first presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. “Welcome to the real live version of Twitter, people!” Noah said after showing a montage of debate insults. “At that point, Lester Holt wasn’t even moderating anymore, he was just eating popcorn like everyone else.”

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Trevor hit pretty hard at Donald Trump for a number of things, among them, Trump’s claim that he was smart to evade taxes. “I’m sorry, what? Dude, taxes are a responsibility, not something to evade,” Noah said. “You’re running to be the No. 1 citizen of a country. You shouldn’t brag about ways you found to get around the rules.”

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Noah hit hardest at Trump for proclaiming America’s airports are like those in third-world countries. “Our airports are nicer than yours, Donald Trump,” said Noah, who is South African. “Don’t bring third-world countries into this shit, you hear me?”

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Noah then pointed out that Trump was sniffling throughout the debate. “I don’t want to start any rumors, but there’s a reason I think Trump didn’t do well,” he said. “I’m not sure and I’m not trying to start rumors, but Trump was sniffing a lot at the debate. And someone needs to look into that.” Maybe he was “sniffing all of the bullshit he was saying.”

Watch the clip for more.

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