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Trevor Noah scorches The Blaze’s Tomi Lahren: ‘She’s like a child soldier’

"Wow. That is the least-woke, most awake person I have ever seen."

She may be “the least-woke, most awake person” Trevor Noah has ever seen, but he had to admit on Thursday’s Daily Show that he kind of admires conservative flamethrower Tomi Lahren.

If you don’t know who Tomi Lahren is, your echo chamber doesn’t overlap with hers. She has a show on The Blaze and has an enormous presence on Facebook, her “Final Thoughts” videos garnering tens of millions of views. The 24-year-old specializes in fiery, ignorant takedowns of Democrats, Black Lives Matter protesters, and Colin Kaepernick.

[arve url=”http://media.mtvnservices.com/embed/mgid:arc:video:comedycentral.com:66c0194c-4f5b-4e55-9147-3233eab5137d”%5D

“She may be young, but she’ll surprise you. She’s like a child soldier,” Trevor said. “I didn’t even know you guys had them in this country.”

Trevor Noah gives another sober response to continued police shootings

He then showed a clip of her berating Jesse Williams after his speech at the BET Awards. “That is the least-woke, most awake person I have ever seen,” Noah said of her speech in which she assumed Williams was blasting white people rather than injustice. “She’s only 24 years old. And she’s already angrier than 50 Clint Eastwoods.”

In her most popular video, which has 64 million views on Facebook, she tells Colin Kaepernick if he doesn’t like the US, he should leave.

“I must say, I do love this logic: ‘Shut up and be happy that no one forces you to shut up. Because that’s what makes this country great, is that you can’t complain stop complaining.'”

Trevor then confessed that he had a little crush on his polar opposite, but admitted “We’re from two different worlds. It just wouldn’t work. I’m from Africa, you’re from heaven. But hey, we’ll always have Facebook.”

Watch the clip for more.

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