Seth Meyers digs into Trump’s charity scams and the reason they won’t affect his campaign

Seth Meyers took a “Closer Look” on Wednesday’s Late Show at the Donald Trump Foundation and claims that Trump illegally used donor funds to pay off his personal legal bills. The Republican nominee has not contributed his own money to the charity since 2008, but used $120,000 of its funds to settle legal debts in Palm Beach.

“He put up a flagpole twice the legal height and refused to take it down,” Meyers said of the suit against Trump in Florida. “Sounds like he’s compensating for something. When Freud heard that, he tried to roll over in his grave — but he couldn’t, because he had a boner.”

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Trump also got in trouble over a $1 million hole-in-one contest on one of his golf course and used foundation money to settle the dispute.

“He rigged the contest so it couldn’t be won,” Meyers said. “He’s like a carny working the ring toss at a state fair. There’s a reason the Donald Trump Foundation is abbreviated ‘DTF,’ because it is down to F you over.”

Meyers suggests this should be a much bigger scandal than it will be. “The reason it probably won’t stick is the same reason none of Trump’s scandals ever seem to stick: He has no shame,” Meyers said. “In fact, when he’s confronted, he just doubles down. He’s like a dog who pees in the house, and when you rub his nose in it, he says, ‘Mmmm, I love the smell of my own urine.'”

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