Stephen Colbert dismantles Trump Jr’s refugee Skittles meme: ‘Go fudge yourself’

Stephen Colbert dismantled Donald Trump Jr’s recent Skittles meme condemning Syrian refugees on Tuesday’s Late Show. Trump Jr. posted the meme on his Twitter asking if you would eat from a bowl of Skittles if you knew three of them could kill you.

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Call Trump’s son a “guy who promises you a great deal on a 2003 Suzuki Sidekick,” Colbert broke down the problems with the meme, starting with the punctuation. “First off it reads, ‘If I had a bowl of skittle and I told you just three would kill you,’ period.”

“Okay, that’s not right,” he said. “As in: ‘If you think that is a complete sentence, you must have your head up your.”

It also turns out the math is wrong, too. It has been calculated the chance of being killed by a Syrian refugee is 1 in 3.64 billion. “So, that’s not three poison Skittles in a bowl, that’s three poison Skittles in one and a half Olympic-size swimming pools of Skittles — and yes, for the record, I would eat all of them.”

“The real problem with the graphic: It compares refugees fleeing their war-torn country to pieces of sugar. These are people who dream of living in a country where food is so plentiful we waste our candy on metaphors.”

Watch the clip to see Colbert address Trump Jr. in his own language.

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