Seth Meyers won’t let up on Donald Trump, now ridiculing his response to New York bombing

Seth Meyers has become Trump’s greatest nemesis in this election, and he proved Monday that he may be the heir apparent to Jon Stewart as he tore into Donald Trump in a brilliant “Closer Look” at Trump’s latest “birther” backtracking. On Tuesday’s show, Meyers kept the ball rolling with a takedown of Trump’s response to the New York bombing.

After first ridiculing the cable news coverage of the event, Meyers showed Hillary Clinton’s response, in which she said she would wait for the facts before making a statement. “Waiting for the facts,” Meyers said, “seems like a reasonable, measured response from an experienced public official.”

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Trump, on the other hand, announced to a crowd of supporters that a bomb had gone off in New York before any sources reported that. “You can’t say the words, ‘a bomb went off in New York’ when the next thing you say is ‘nobody knows what’s going on,'” Meyers said. “Are you a presidential candidate or the old lady who lives across the hall from me?”

Trump then said he should be a newscaster because he “called it.” “Don’t think you get how being a newscaster works,” Meyers responded. “Newscasters don’t call the news before it happens.”

Meyers then went on to suggest that Trump used the bombings to further peddle his “draconian policies” of racial profiling and banning refugees. He urged Trump to act like New Yorker and coexist with Muslims. “Because New Yorkers know that ‘Muslim’ and ‘terrorist’ are not synonyms,” he concluded. “Kind of like ‘Trump’ and ‘presidential.'”

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