Stephen Colbert offers lying ‘birther’ Trump a place to put his lying ‘birther’ mouth

On Monday’s Late Show, Stephen Colbert reminded Donald Trump of an offer he made to him on The Colbert Report. Over the weekend, Trump announced that President Obama was born in the U.S., then blamed the “birther” movement on Hillary Clinton. So, Trump had to be reminded that Colbert has been mocking his “birther” claims for five years. “Memories are a tricky thing. Maybe I remember it one way and Donald Trump is a liar.”

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Colbert played a clip from 2012 of Trump saying that if Obama released his records, Donald would donate to a charity of his choice. Colbert had a counteroffer in mind.

Seth Meyers rips hard into Donald Trump for backtracking on birther claims

“I offered to donate $1 million to the charity of your choice if you, Donald Trump, would let me dip my balls in your mouth,” Colbert reminded the Republican nominee. “Now, for some reason, Donald, you did not take the deal. I’m gonna guess it’s because your mouth was already full of Vladimir Putin’s balls.”

Trump didn’t drop the conspiracy theory then, and Colbert wouldn’t let him drop it now. “Here’s the deal: You don’t get to flog this issue for five years and then act like you’re correcting everybody else!” Colbert concluded. “We’re not crazy. We were there! We all saw you do it! Even the people who support you saw you do it! It’s why they support you!”

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