Seth Meyers rips hard into Donald Trump for backtracking on birther claims

Seth Meyers ripped into Donald Trump for trying to backtrack on his birther conspiracy theories and blame them on Hillary Clinton after years of peddling the idea that President Obama was not born in America.

Stephen Colbert offers lying ‘birther’ Trump a place to put his lying ‘birther’ mouth

“I’m not sure the guy who holds fake press conferences, has a fake university, fake foundation, fake hair, and a fake tan should be the one in charge of deciding what’s real,” Meyers said during his usual “Closer Look” on Monday’s Late Night.

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Last week, Trump planned a big announcement on the birther issue at his new hotel, for which the media graciously provided free advertisement. In his speech, Trump tried to take credit for debunking the birther claims, before saying, “Obama was born in the United States, period.”

“‘Obama was born in the United States, period’? F—k you, exclamation point!” said Meyers. “You don’t get to peddle racist rhetoric for five years and decide when it’s over. We decide when it’s over.”

Watch the clip for more.


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