Trevor Noah explodes on Donald Trump for his views on foreigners in ‘Viral Rant’

Trevor Noah took off the gloves and berated Donald Trump to close out Wednesday’s Daily Show with a “Viral Rant.” The South African host didn’t mince words as he took down Trump’s xenophobic rhetoric and plans to “Make America Great Again.”

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“Let me tell you something about the greatest country in the world,” Noah said. “The greatest country is the country that accepts people who come in from everywhere in the world, Mr. Donald Trump.”

“The good people of America know the greatest country in the world is the country where you can come in and create anything.” Trevor noted that Steve Jobs’ father was a Syrian migrant. “The iPhone came from Syria, Donald Trump. The same iPhone that you tweet s—t about the refugees on. So every time you tweet with those fat little tiny fingers of yours, you should be saying thank you to them for giving you that same phone.”

Trevor went on to add, “You got your wife from a foreign country, Mr. Donald Trump!”

“Oh what, you don’t want refugees because you don’t want everyone else having a beautiful wife? Is that your big secret plan, huh, Mr. Donald Trump?”

Watch the clip for more of Trevor’s impassioned rant.

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