Seth Meyers investigates Trump’s finances and self-proclaimed generosity

Seth Meyers took a “Closer Look” into Donald Trump’s finances and self-proclaimed generosity on Wednesday’s Late Night. Donald Trump is indeed wealthy, but reports show that may be because he has a history of not paying people. His campaign also claims he has given a considerable amount of money to charity, but investigators have found little proof of that.

Trump didn’t even pay the USA Freedom Kids for their much-maligned performance at his rally in January. Now “Trump is being sued by a group of children because he won’t pay them,” Meyers pointed out. “Think of how sad that is. Right now, the USA Freedom Kids are at home trying to find words that rhyme with subpoena.”

“So Trump’s unwillingness to pay people has resulted in lawsuits and a lack of policy,” Meyers said. “Now, that might give Trump a reputation as something of a miser, but at least there’s all the money’s he’s given to charity, right?” Wrong. The Donald J. Trump Foundation doesn’t even use Trump’s money, though he used its money to buy things like a signed Tim Tebow helmet and a 6-foot tall painting of himself.

“So to recap, Trump won’t give money to children who perform at his rallies or staffers who work on his policy proposals, but he will use other people’s money to buy signed football helmets and a giant painting of himself,” Meyers said, “and he still could be our next president.”

Watch the clip above for more.

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