Samantha Bee ridicules ‘human Splenda’ Matt Lauer, and every other journalist covering the election

On Monday’s Full Frontal, Samantha Bee returned with a bang as she ridiculed every presidential candidate, then went on to ridicule all journalists covering the election. She started with Matt Lauer, who moderated the NBC News Commander-in-Chief Forum, despite the fact that he is best known for “getting up early and asking tough questions about recipes.”

Watch Part 2 below.

Lauer spent 10 of his 30 minutes asking Clinton about her emails. “Oh, come on, Matt!” she cried in the clip. “Do you really think there is an email smoking gun that the Inspector General, a House committee, the FBI and 18 months of nonstop news coverage couldn’t find, that will be magically uncovered by seven minutes of questions from a human Splenda whose crowning journalistic achievement is not knowing where the f—k he is?”

Samantha Bee insults every presidential candidate in her return to ‘Full Frontal’

Then came the main event, when Donald Trump took the stage. “I bet the veterans have some things they’d like to ask a draft dodging, Gold Star family insulting, war-crime advocating torture-phile whose worst Vietnam flashback involves scrambling for the last plane out of Gonorrhea,” she ranted. But Lauer didn’t even second guess Trump’s false claims about his Iraq War support, but Fox News gave Lauer high praise for his performance.

“The truth is, Lauer did a fantastic job at the meaningless campaign coverage we’ve come to demand from our media.” With this, Bee moved on to a broad takedown of the media for its refusal to fact check itself or discuss little more than their own opinions.

“They only have 24 hours,” Bee joked. “There’s no time to report the facts and what people feel are the facts. You gotta choose one!”

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