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Trevor Noah rips into Matt Lauer for his weak presidential forum performance

"I don't know what the f—k he was doing, and neither did he."

On Thursday’s Daily Show, Trevor Noah ripped hard into Matt Lauer for his weak performance at Wednesday’s NBC News Commander-in-Chief Forum. The forum was held on the aircraft carrier Intrepid, now a museum docked in Manhattan, and Noah was swift to compare the venue to the events of the forum.

“During World War II, on multiple occasions, kamikaze planes crashed into the Intrepid,” Noah said. “And last night Matt Lauer continued that tradition, because I don’t know what the f—k he was doing, and neither did he.”

[comedycentral id=”e33b761d-561c-494e-848e-d0b1beb6e660″]

The forum was supposed to feature an interview with Clinton and Trump about foreign policy, but Lauer spent a third of his 30 minutes with Hillary “digging through her inbox” and had to speed through a veteran’s question about ISIS.

“Are you shitting me?!” Noah asked. “This event was called the Commander-in-Chief Forum. It’s the reason we’re watching, and because Matt Lauer spent so much time on his questions about emails, the actual questions from the actual veterans about the actual commander-in-chiefing gets reduced to a speed date.”

Trevor then moved on to Lauer’s pitiful questioning of Trump. The Republican nominee uttered a “blatant” lie when he denied supporting the Iraq invasion, but Lauer just moved on to the next question. “How did he just move on?” Noah wondered. “I would love to date Matt Lauer because getting busted would be impossible.”

“And I know some people are saying, ‘Well, what did you expect, man? It was Matt Lauer. He’s just the host of a morning show, he doesn’t know how to push back,'” Noah said of the response to criticism against Lauer. “But that’s why this is so disappointing, because that’s not true. Matt Lauer can take tough questions to very powerful people.”

Cue the clip of Lauer interrogating One Direction after Zayn left. “He called out One Direction in front of their fans, an army way stronger than Hillary and Trump will ever possess!” Noah joked. “Come on, Matt Lauer, you didn’t flinch in front of a bunch of rich, powerful children. I can’t believe you couldn’t face down just one.”

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