Colbert goes off script with Trump spokesperson to mock Donald’s black voter outreach

Stephen Colbert went off script with a Trump spokesperson to mock Trump’s attempts to reach black voters on Tuesday’s Late Show. The Republican nominee’s poll numbers with black voters are at 0 percent, “which can mean only one thing: Omarosa is not registered to vote.”

“Trump spent one day courting the black vote in Detroit with former neurosurgeon and black Dilbert Ben Carson,” Stephen said. Trump visited a church with the former candidate, “and even swayed awkwardly to gospel music.” Showing a clip of Trump’s moves, Colbert joked, “That there is his signature dance move: Shift a little to the left, shift a little to the right, same thing he does with his immigration policy.”

Seth Meyers mocks ‘A$AP Donald’s’ attempts to appeal to black and Latino voters

Before the service, Trump sat down for an interview with Bishop Wayne T. Johnson. “And while I haven’t seen it yet, I can tell you exactly how it went,” Colbert asserted, “because the bishop sent in what questions he was going to ask and the Trump campaign scripted all of Trump’s answers in advance. Which means it wasn’t so much an interview as it was a play.”

Colbert then interviewed a Trump spokesperson (played by a Late Show writer), but couldn’t get answers to any of his questions because the spokesperson only had answers to pre-written questions. Watch the clip to see them go off script at the end.


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