Seth Meyers burns Republican climate change deniers for constant ‘Says Who?’ response

Seth Meyers took on Republican climate change deniers in his “Closer Look” segment on Tuesday’s Late Night. Baton Rouge, Louisiana is currently under water after a flood dumped two feet of water on the city. Events like this are supposed to happen every 500 years, but eight have occurred in the last 12 months.

“Eight events have happened in the last year that are only supposed to happen every 500 years!” Meyers said. “So, with everything going on it’s insane that climate change isn’t one of the biggest issues in the presidential campaign. The Earth is acting insane, but we’re too busy focusing on Donald Trump to notice. Meanwhile, the Earth is currently the Donald Trump of planets. They even use Trump’s skin tone to illustrate extreme heat,” he said, showing a temperature map covered in bright orange.

Even Al Gore called climate change “inconvenient,” but Republicans refuse to accept it at all. Meyers showed clips of Fox News pundits mocking Hillary and Obama for caring more about the weather than problems like ISIS.

Meyers then compared climate change denial to other types of denial. He showed Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen denying that Trump was behind in the race, repeating “Says Who?” on CNN.

“‘Says who’ is basically the Republican Party’s official position on climate change. And this anti-intellectualism is at the core of the modern GOP and goes all the way to the presidential ticket,” Meyers declared, showing a clip of Trump describing climate change “like a kid who forgot to put together his presentation for science class.”

“In the end, the climate is doing literally everything it can to get our attention. The climate is acting like a housewife in lingerie, standing in front of the TV and we’re all just going, ‘Honey, move, I can’t see what “The Mentalist” is doing.’ It’s not going to be easy, but we should do whatever we can to save our planet.”


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