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Stephen Colbert assesses Trump’s ‘extraordinary’ health examination

"A note from his doctor should be enough; it's how he got out of Vietnam."

On Monday’s Late Show, Stephen Colbert assessed Donald Trump’s physical results by assessing mocking doctor, Harold Bornstein. Trump released a note from his doctor earlier this year to prove he was fit for president. “A note from his doctor should be enough; it’s how he got out of Vietnam,” Colbert joked.

The doctor’s note was riddled with typos and grammatical mistakes, so Colbert took the time to investigate. “Bornstein proved he’s a true gastroenterologist because the letter seems like he yanked it from where the sun don’t shine,” Colbert said.

Many critics wondered if Trump actually wrote the letter, because it used a few Trumpisms, saying his health was “astonishingly excellent” and only received “positive” results.

“Positive results are always good,” Colbert admitted. “Blood pressure? Positive! Cholesterol? Positive! Chlamydia? Positive!”

Last week, NBC News tracked down Dr. Bornstein to ask him about the letter. The “very questionable Gandalf,” as Colbert called him, admitted he was rushed when he wrote it and only had five minutes, and he was anxious because his driver was waiting.

“Rushed, anxious, five minutes, driver waiting,” recapped Colbert. “You definitely want the candidate’s physical to sound like losing your virginity on prom night.”

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