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Seth and Conan both interviewed “Dr. Harold Bornstein” about Trump’s health

Spot the difference.

Both Seth Meyers and Conan O’Brien interviewed impersonators of Donald Trump’s doctor, Harold Bernstein, on Monday’s episodes of Late Night and Conan. In December of last year, Donald Trump released a doctor’s note saying he was in “extraordinary” health and would be more fit to be president than any other president in history.

The note was riddled with typos and grammatical errors and many critics suggested Trump wrote the letter himself. Last week, NBC News caught up with Dr. Bornstein, who Stephen Colbert said looks like a “very questionable Gandalf.” In the interview, Bornstein said he wrote the note in five minutes because Trump’s driver was waiting outside for the note.

Stephen Colbert assesses Trump’s ‘extraordinary’ health examination

Meyers and Conan both followed up on that interview by talking with their own versions of Dr. Bornstein. Watch the clips to see what the doctor had to say for himself.

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