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Stephen Colbert investigates conspiracies about Clinton’s health and, well, everything else

Anybody heard any good conspiracy theories lately?

Stephen Colbert brought to light a number of conspiracies on Wednesday’s Late Show in a new segment called “Stephen Colbert’s Tinfoil Hat.” Karl Rove appeared on Fox News recently to tell Megyn Kelly about Hillary Clinton’s illnesses. He used three white boards with scribbled writings to prove his claims, and Kelly couldn’t handle it.

“Oh my God!” Colbert said, showing the clip of Kelly cracking up at Rove. “Hillary Clinton’s illness has already spread to Megyn Kelly! Causing her verticle blindness in one eye and uncontrollable giggles, evidently.”

Stephen Colbert diagnoses Rudy Giuliani as a ‘man with his head up his own ass’

Colbert didn’t stop there. He had to investigate a number of other theories the “puppet-masters of politics don’t want us to know.”

The first, and most damning to the presidential frontrunner, is that you can’t spell “Hillary” without “ill.” Karl Rove was right all along!

Other pressing issues included: “Why is only one type of dog allowed to be a real fireman? Do all other dogs love setting fires?” “Is China genetically engineering super smart babies? How else can you explain the fact that by the time they’re three, they can all speak Chinese?” and “When I order the soup and half sandwich, who’s eating the other half of my sandwich?”

“As you can see, there’s a lot of powerful people who don’t want us to know things, but rest assured, you can always trust me because I can’t be bought by some faceless corporate entity,” Colbert promised. “And now a word from our sponsors.”

In his monologue at the top of the show, Colbert reacting to Trump’s recent attempt to woo African American and Latino voters, saying “Trump has been having a tough time with one key demographic — voters.” Watch the clip below for more.

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