Stephen Colbert diagnoses Rudy Giuliani as a ‘man with his head up his own ass’

Rudy Giuliani has been perpetuating conspiracy theories about Hillary Clinton’s health recently, suggesting people should “Google it” to find videos verifying the theory that she isn’t fit to be president. On Tuesday’s Late Show, Stephen Colbert used the first few minutes of his monologue to mock Giuliani for the wild claims.

“Yes, Rudy Giuliani says just diagnose Hillary on the internet,” Colbert said. “Because if it’s on the internet you know it’s true. For instance, I put my symptoms into WebMD and found out I have menopause.”

Colbert then revealed that when you Google “Hillary Clinton illness,” an article about Giuliani is the first thing that comes up.

“Here’s what’s happening,” Stephen clarified, “Giuliani says she’s not healthy and then look it up on the internet. And when you look it up on the internet it says Giuliani says she’s not healthy and to look it up on the internet. It’s like it’s an endless loop. It’s like a snake with its tail in its mouth. Or a man with his head up his own ass.”

Of course, “Giuliani and Donald Trump are experts on female anatomy.” For evidence, Colbert exhibited a video of Giuliani in drag flirting with Trump. “You’re going to want to verify that video,” Colbert said. “Just go online and put down ‘Donald Trump Rudy Giuliani motorboat.'”

Getting back to Clinton’s health, Colbert admitted the real videos Giuliani wants people to find are from right-wing websites posting consistent clickbait attacks against Clinton.

“I don’t know why they keep saying things like ‘frail’ or ‘weak’ or ‘low-energy,'” Colbert said of sites like Breitbart and InfoWars. “You’re just tip-toeing around the medical condition that you’re really upset about. One that she has that no other president in history has ever faced. Hillary Clinton has chronic ‘no penis.'”

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