Seth Meyers digs up the latest from Hillary Clinton’s endless email server

On Tuesday’s Late Night, Seth Meyers recapped the latest news on Hillary Clinton’s email server that just keeps giving. Meyers began the segment by reporting the latest Donald Trump news, including that he has a 12-year-old boy running one of his campaign offices. Seth then pointed out that everything Trump does is good for Hillary, “As long as there aren’t, ya know, more unreleased emails from her private server that she failed to turn over to the FBI.”

Of course there are. The FBI just found 15,000 emails Clinton didn’t turn over.

“How many emails does Hillary Clinton have that she can just miss 15,000?” asked Seth. “Oh no, is she one of those weirdos who has them unread on her phone? Because Trump may be a demagogue, but I cannot vote for a sociopath who doesn’t clean out their inbox.”

Hillary recently tried to blame her private server on Colin Powell, who had one while he was Secretary of State. “Poor Colin Powell,” said Meyers. “First Bush made him go to the UN and hold up that little vial of fake anthrax. Now Hillary’s blaming him for her email scandal. Next Ryan Lochte is gonna say Powell was the one who peed on the side of the gas station”

Seth then gave a quick rundown of the contents of a few of Clinton’s email exchanges, including evidence that the Clinton Foundation used Hillary’s position at the State Department to give special treatment to donors. But Seth points out that the most interesting email featured “one of the all time great email subject lines,” “Bono/NASA.”

Watch the clip to see Meyers discuss the contents of that email.

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