Seth Meyers bursts the right-wing bubble now advising Donald Trump

Seth Meyers took a “Closer Look” at Donald Trump’s frequent policy pivots on Monday’s Late Night. Meyers has been off the air two weeks due to the Olympics, so he took a second to recap the past weeks in the Trump campaign.

“Over the course of just those two weeks, Donald Trump suggested that Second Amendment people could stop Hillary Clinton, claimed President Obama founded ISIS, and suggested repeatedly that the election could be rigged against him,” Seth recounted. “But then last week, Trump shocked everyone by actually seeming to express remorse.”

Meyers cued up a clip of Trump saying he doesn’t always choose the right words in the heat of debate and, “believe it or not,” he regrets it.

“As a general rule, when someone says ‘believe it or not’ put your money on ‘not.'”

Trump didn’t say what he regretted, but RNC Reince Priebus complimented him on being mature and having a good week. “That’s how low the bar is for Trump right now. Republicans are complimenting him for being mature,” joked Meyers.

Pundits, of course, speculated on whether or not this was finally Trump’s pivot toward the general election. Seth says no, as Trump has now surrounded himself with polarizing conservative advisors known for “no holds barred tactics.”

“No holds barred? I’m sorry, was Trump barring any holds before this?”

Watch Meyers give a rundown of the conservatives now making up the right-wing bubble around Trump.

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