Trevor Noah agrees with Donald Trump: 2016 election is rigged

[comedycentral id=”dadbdb6e-b9ca-40cb-ad93-e9406afae2b0″]

On Monday’s Daily Show, Trevor Noah agreed with Donald Trump that the election is rigged, but while Trump says he will lose the election due to voter fraud, Trevor says the election is actually rigged in favor of Republicans.

“Donald Trump is right,” Noah said. “I know like most things Donald says, it sounds crazy, but still, the man is a presidential candidate — the same way this is a news show — so, as a news show, we had to investigate the claims, and it turns out, they’re true. Donald Trump is right. We’ve uncovered evidence of election-rigging throughout the system.” Trevor mentioned the gerrymandering and voter suppression used by Republican state legislatures to undermine Democratic voters.

“I know some people might say we need these laws to protect from voter fraud, but voter fraud isn’t actually a problem,” said Noah. He gave the example that, out of 20 million votes cast in Texas, only two people have been convicted of voter fraud.

“More people have been Trump’s wife,” Noah joked.

Watch the clip for more.

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