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Seth Meyers looks at the week in Trump gaffes and GOP excuses

"This is the final straw? Not the racism or the misogyny or the wall? What happened to all of the other straws?—Oh, there they are."

Seth Meyers took a “Closer Look” at the week in Trump gaffs on Thursday’s Late Night. Despite everything Trump has said over the course of his campaign, the Republican establishment only decided they were against him after Trump refused to endorse House Speaker Paul Ryan for re-election.

“This is the final straw?” Seth said. “Not the racism or the misogyny or the wall?”

Newt Gingrich compared Trump’s recent setbacks to a great quarterback throwing a couple interceptions.

“Actually, it’s more like watching a quarterback throw an interception, blame the interception on Mexicans, insult the coach’s mother and then storm off the field bitching that the game is rigged,” Meyers said.

Mike Huckabee then defended Trump, saying he would be much better behaved when he had a larger staff behind him in the White House and he wasn’t allowed to have a personal Twitter account.

“Dudes, chill out — he’ll be way cooler and more reasonable just as soon as we give him more power,” Meyers said. “You know, the same way drunk people always calm down once you give them back their car keys. And I’m not sure it’s all that comforting when the biggest promise you can make about your candidate is, he’ll have adults around him and we’ll lock him out of his Twitter account. That’s how it works with Justin Bieber, and it barely works with him.”

Watch the clip for more.

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