Seth Meyers urges Dems to let Trump implode in new segment, ‘Stay out of it!’

On Wednesday’s Late Show, Seth Meyers aired a new segment called “Stay out of it!” to urge Democrats to let Trump dig his own holes. After Trump attacked the family of a fallen soldier last week, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama both condemned his remarks, but Seth thinks they should just let it go.

“Obama, Hillary, don’t comment on Trump right now. Stay out of it. Trump is digging his own grave — don’t grab the shovel. Let him keep digging until the hole is too deep to climb out of.”

“This is all happening without you, Democrats. Stay out of it!” Seth urged. “Do as little as possible. If, for some reason Trump actually does debate Hillary, she should just say, ‘Hi, I’m Hillary Clinton,’ and then she should turn off her microphone, open a big bag of Skinny Pop, and watch him slowly unravel.”

He then advised her to practice her best “Jim Halpert” look, referring to The Office character’s tendency to look directly at the camera to express disbelief. Meyers thinks that’s all she needs to do to win her debates.

Watch the clip for more.

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