James Corden and Denis Leary sing ‘Trump’s an Asshole’ dressed as the Clintons

Denis Leary revised his 1993 song “Asshole” to sing about Donald Trump with James Corden dressed as Hillary Clinton on Wednesday’s Late Late Show. The original song was about a guy who pisses people off for fun, so it could have described Trump anyway, but Leary and Corden updated the verses to be more pertinent to the current election. The song was about Trump, but they also took the opportunity to roast the Clintons.

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Dressed as Bill Clinton, Leary sang, “I’m just a regular guy, known for one job. I’m your average white, ex-presidential slob. I like cheeseburgers and suits and books about defense.”

Corden, in a blonde wig sang, “And I’m a girl fighting for common sense. I got Bill, got Chelsea, I wanna be president. So I ‘dab’ on Ellen for that Oval Office test.”

“But sometimes that just ain’t enough to keep a man like me interested,” Leary said. “Oh, I know,” Corden responded. “I’m sorry. Again,” Leary said.

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“And sometimes I vote in favor of war or Don’t Ask Don’t Tell,” Corden went on. “A bad choice. But no matter, how bad, how bad we can be—”

“We’ve never said Mexicans are rapists on TV,” Leary sang, bringing it around to Trump.

“Trump’s an asshole! He’s an asshole! What an asshole! He’s the world’s biggest asshole,” they sang, their mouths bleeped by tiny American flags.

“He won’t show his taxes. He won’t even try. He’s kicking out babies when they start to cry. While wearing a red, white and blue Chinese tie. Why? Because Trump’s an asshole! He’s an asshole! What an asshole! He’s the world’s biggest asshole.”

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Watch the clip for more.

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