Late Night Television

Seth Meyers performs a scene from Trump’s new NBC show, Chicago President

"I will dedicate myself to that sacrifice. I will build buildings and put my name on them. I will become incredibly rich, and buy nice things for myself. You know, sacrifice."

Seth Meyers performed a staged reading of Donald Trump’s potential NBC show, Chicago President. Despite calls from journalists and other billionaires for Trump to release his tax returns, Trump has refused. So, Seth believes Trump is actually broke, and has to eat KFC in a van to survive.

“Donald, I think you are not releasing your taxes because you don’t have any money,” Seth said. “I mean, no wonder you’re acting so erratically — you’re a man keeping a secret that, if exposed, will ruin you. You’re like Walter White in Breaking Bad, staying one step ahead of the truth. By the debates, you’re going to have a shaved head and a goatee.”

“All in all, this is a sad portrait of a ruined former billionaire who is afraid to release his taxes, and we here at Late Night just can’t stand to see you like this,” he continued. “But there is another option, Donald.”

Seth has been saying for weeks that NBC will offer Trump his own television show if he drops out of the race.

“This show could be the cash cow you need to get back on your feet,” Meyers said. “Not only will it let you show the world what a great president you are, it will have flashbacks that show how great you always were.”

Seth then donned a Trump wig to perform a staged reading of the scene in which a doctor tells Trump he’s unfit to fight in Vietnam.

Watch the clip for more.

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