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Did Hillary Clinton plagiarize Seth Meyers in her acceptance speech?!

"Next thing you know, she's gonna start giving her speeches from behind a desk."

Seth Meyers took “A Closer Look” at the final day of the Democratic National Convention on Thursday’s Late Night and found a familiar phrase in Clinton’s speech.

Seth has been calling his main segment “A Closer Look” for about a year now, but he was surprised to hear Hillary Clinton say the phrase, “Let’s take a closer look,” in her acceptance speech on Thursday. “Next thing you know, she’s gonna start giving her speeches from behind a desk,” he joked.

In the clip, Meyers also compared the DNC to a family, saying that Hillary is the mom, Michael Bloomberg is “the rich uncle you never thought would come,” Joe Biden is “the step-dad who pulls a nickel out of your ear even though you’re 27,” and Barack Obama is “the cool cousin who everyone’s bummed has to leave early.”

“And no matter how much you fight, the one thing everyone in the family can agree on is that no one likes your racist uncle,” Donald Trump.

Rich uncle Bloomberg used his speech to blast Trump, saying, “I’m a New Yorker, and I know a con when I see one!”

“Nothing is going to get under Trump’s skin more than another billionaire questioning his wealth,” Meyers said. “And Bloomberg is worth $47.5 billion where Trump is only worth $4.5 billion. Basically, Bloomberg has enough money to buy Donald Trump and still have money for another Donald Trump if the first one gets cranky.”

Hillary Clinton then gave her acceptance speech and had fun with her own joke single about Trump. “That must be such a relief for whoever wrote that joke for her,” he argued. “Giving Hillary a joke is like giving a monkey a switchblade — it rarely goes great.”

But Meyers believes the speech was “marred” by her blatant plagiarism of his key phrase. Who knows how long he will hold a grudge against her?

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