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Comedy Central sues Colbert for using his old character, so meet ‘Stephen Colbert’s twin cousin

"The lawyers have spoken. I cannot reasonably argue that I own my face or name."

During last week’s live coverage of the Republican National Convention, Stephen Colbert brought back ‘Stephen Colbert,’ the host of The Colbert Report on Comedy Central. Although most people were excited to see the return of the character, there were a few who were not pleased. Lawyers for Comedy Central’s parent company Viacom claimed they own the intellectual property to Colbert’s character.

“Which is surprising, because I never thought of that guy as much of an intellectual,” Colbert joked. “So it is with a heavy heart that I announce that thanks to corporate lawyers, the character of Stephen Colbert, host of ‘The Colbert Report,’ will never be seen again.”

“The lawyers have spoken. I cannot reasonably argue that I own my face or name. And as much as I would like to have that guy on again, I can’t.”

Instead, Colbert found a loophole and welcomed Stephen Colbert’s identical twin cousin, Stephen Colbert, on to the show.

The new Colbert clarified for the lawyers, “That’s my twin cousin. This is my first appearance on television ever!” He then explained his birth, before saying, “I’m happy to be here tonight to save this country and join the ‘Late Show’ team.”

The real Colbert, host of the Late Show, then debuted a new segment: The Werd.

Watch the clip to see how this differs from his bit on Comedy Central, ‘The Word.’

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