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Trevor Noah recaps DNC, shames ‘Bernie or Bust’ crowd for turning on Sanders

"Just like that, Bernie's 2016 run was over... There were so many white women crying, I thought Pinterest had died."

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Trevor Noah shamed the ‘Bernie or Bust’ faction on Tuesday’s Daily Show for turning on Sanders as he recapped the DNC. Trevor began the segment by discussing Michelle Obama’s speech and Hillary Clinton’s emails, but his main report in the segment was the booing faction known as ‘Bernie or Bust.’

Bernie spoke at the Democratic National Convention this week and was booed by his own supporters when he expressed his support for Hillary Clinton.

“You’ve got to love Bernie Sanders,” Noah said. “He spent the last year teaching people to dream the impossible dream — universal health care, trillions in infrastructure, free college, all paid for with historic tax hikes. And now in a room full of the people who love those ideas he’s coming out like a disillusioned Peter Pan.”

“Clap all you want. Tinker Bell is not coming back. This is real life,” Noah explained with a Sanders impression.

Trevor then rolled clips of his correspondents talking to Bernie supporters about how they would stop Trump. Voting for Hillary was not an option for any of them.

“Just like that, Bernie’s 2016 run was over,” Noah said. “And it really was a bittersweet moment for everyone involved, especially for the liberal wing of the Democratic Party, some of whom were actually in tears as Bernie delivered his swan song. There were so many white women crying, I thought Pinterest had died.”

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