Samantha Bee can only find one word to describe the RNC: “Aaaaggghhhh!”

On Monday’s Full Frontal, Samantha Bee recapped last week’s Republican National Convention with one word: “Aaaaggghhhh!”

Following her intro to the segment, and her inability to articulate exactly how the convention made her feel, Bee just rolled clips from the week fear, accompanied by Mozart’s “Requiem.”

During his speech, Donald Trump said “safety will be restored” when he becomes president. “Oh, my God, is Donald Trump running for Batman?” Bee asked.

The RNC was all about fear (as Trevor Noah pointed out last week), and Bee wondered where Trump was getting all of his “fear-mongery s—t,” since violent crime is at a decade low.

Bee traced the fear-mongering back to Nixon. “It takes a special kind of guy to look at how far our nation has come and say, ‘You know what we need to get back to? 1968! That was a great year in American politics!'” she said.

Bee the pointed out that there is one thing separating Trump and Nixon. “President Trump will not be exactly like President Nixon – Nixon got 15 percent of the black vote!”

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