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Seth Meyers looks at “Blame Hillary for Everything” day at the RNC

"If you thought calling for Hillary to be literally thrown in jail was the craziest it could get, you were wrong, because Ben Carson showed up, and he tried the old 'Six degrees of Satan' technique."

On Wednesday’s Late Night, Seth Meyers took a “Closer Look” at day three attacks on Hillary Clinton at the Republican National Convention.

Seth began by discussing Donald Trump Jr’s speech, in which the Republican nominee’s son announced that a Trump presidency would make America great for working people again, and not for the elites on Wall Street. But Seth wasn’t buying it. “It’s tough to make a case against elites when you look like a money clip come to life.”

Seth also joked about the Trump apology for Melania’s plagiarized speech. “Late apologies will be a hallmark of the Trump administration — I imagine only 24 hours after a nuclear holocaust will a bunker-bound Trump look to his fellow survivors and say, ‘My bad.'”

Of course, the biggest issue on day three was Hillary Clinton, who’s name has been used as often as “America” in speeches this week. The worst of these were by Ben Carson and Chris Christie, who goaded the crowd into shouting “Guilty” and “Lock her up.” Meyers joked it sounded like a “Roman Coliseum, except Christie wouldn’t be the emperor, he’d be the guy feeding Trump grapes.”

Watch the clip for more.

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