Trevor Noah blasts Republican quest to “Make America Fear Again”

Trevor Noah blasted Republicans for “Making America Fear Again” on Tuesday’s Daily Show focusing on the Republican National Convention. The theme for Monday night at the RNC was “Make America Safe Again,” but Noah argued that’s not what the GOP is doing at all.

“I honestly don’t understand this fear,” Noah said. “I really don’t, because you understand that this country is much safer now than it was 20 years ago? Crime is declining.”

Noah brought up the complete disregard for Black Lives Matter by the Republican side, which has lead to people like Darryl Glen, El Paso County commissioner, echoing the racial divide when talking about crime in America. “Safe neighborhoods happen when fathers and mothers are at home.”

Trevor bit back, “Black kids grow up to be criminals, yeah, because their moms are never home. Probably down at the club — or because they have to work two jobs and public transportation doesn’t go to their neighborhood and the legacy of redlining has kept them from living in better areas — but also, at the club! And where are the black fathers at? Where are the black fathers, huh? Too busy getting arrested, am I right? I mean, some of them from a broken taillight, trumped up charges, and driving while black, but still!”


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