Seth Meyers looks at plagiarism, racism, revolt on day one of Republican National Convention

Seth Meyers took a “Closer Look” at the Republican National Convention’s rough start on Tuesday’s Late Night. The RNC had its fair share of revolt, racism, and plagiarism—and that was only the first day.

On day one, the #NeverTrump crowd tried to change the convention rules to change their state’s delegates. “Eventually, convention leaders were able to quash the revolt, which was actually a very symbolic event,” Meyers said. “It was the moment at which the last dissenting voices were quieted and the Republican Party officially embraced the politics of Trumpism. And almost immediately, Republicans made clear what the party of Trump represents when Iowa Congressmen Steve King made some incredibly incendiary comments, in which he claimed that no other ‘subgroup of people had contributed more to civilization than white people.’ And the MSNBC panel appropriately exploded.”

The big news out of day one, though, was Trump’s wife Melania, who plagiarized Michelle Obama in her speech. “Melania did it. She found something less original than being a model married to an old billionaire,” Seth joked. “Even worse, Melania went on to describe her husband as a loving father to their two girls, Sasha and Malia.”

“I mean, they ripped off a passage about the value of hard work,” Meyers said, pointing out the irony of the speech.

“Look, the plagiarism itself isn’t the big issue, the real issue here is that Trump claims to be a great president because he’s a great manager because he hires the best people. A dumb mistake like a plagiarized speech at a convention undercuts that. I mean, after all, Trump has assured us: ‘I know words, I have the best words.’ It’s true. He has the best words and now we know where he gets them from.”

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