Full Frontal Television

Samantha Bee scorches Trump and Mike Pence ahead of Republican National Convention

"How messed up must the Republican convention be if Sarah Palin won't attend?"

Samantha Bee will air a special episode from the Republican National Convention Wednesday, but first, she spent Monday’s Full Frontal launching attacks at Republican nominee Donald Trump and his running mate, Mike Pence.

The RNC is being held in Cleveland this week, and nobody wants to be there. Even Trump supporters like Sarah Palin had better things to do than speak at Trump’s love fest. Trump defended Palin, saying Alaska is too far away. “You do know about airplanes, right?” Bee asked.

“How messed up must the Republican convention be if Sarah Palin won’t attend?” Bee asked, before admitting relief that Scott Baio will be there, “making this the second time he’s watched helplessly as someone jumps the shark.”

Bee then criticized the GOP’s platform, which they apparently decide “by locking a bunch of cranky church elders in a room, turning off the air conditioning, and asking them who should go to hell.”

She saved most of her segment for Mike Pence, calling “bulls—t” on Trump for saying Pence was his first choice for VP. “Truth is, after failing to convince his children to let him pick the concept of ‘tits’ as his running mate, Trump spent an agonizing week trying to decide between the Republican Littlefinger [Newt Gingrich] and, I guess, Roger Sterling during an allergy attack.”

Bee then asked, “Who is Mike Pence?”

“If you’re a lady Hoosier, you may recognize him as the governor who inspected your reproductive organs every 30 days to make sure you weren’t using them in ways that would make Jesus sad.”

Watch the clip to see Bee get fired up about Pence’s record.

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