Watch Stephen Colbert hijack the stage at the Republican National Convention

Stephen Colbert took over the stage at the Republican National Convention on Sunday to poke fun at Donald Trump and his running mate, Mike Pence. The RNC kicks off this week, and Colbert’s Late Show will air live every night to give the most up-to-date jokes about the convention in Cleveland.

In the clip above, Colbert takes the stage for about 35 seconds dressed in his Caesar Flickerman costume. After blacking out at the mention of Mike Pence’s name, Colbert bangs a gavel and announces, “It is my honor to hereby launch and begin the 2016 Republican National Hungry For Power Games!”

A security guard then kicks him off, but not before he gets in a joke at Trump’s expense. “I know I’m not supposed to be up here, but let’s be honest, neither is Donald Trump.”

After he steps off the stage, a producer says, “we got it.” So, this is clearly a bit filmed for his week of live shows, but that doesn’t make it any less exciting. Colbert has been given special access to the Republican National Convention. Who knows what he will do with it.

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