Colbert sings about the greatest gift of the season: the Republican National Convention

Stephen Colbert began his live Late Show coverage of the Republican National Convention with a pre-taped song-and-dance number about the RNC’s gift to us all.

The segment featured Colbert in a sparkly American vest and straw hat singing about ‘Christmas in July’ as the RNC gives him the greatest gift of the season—joke material.

[iframe id=”″%5D

“This week, you and me, we will win this history / As the RNC crowns their orange manatee!”

“We’ll see wacky hats, crazy ties, worn by thousands of white guys / An entire airplane hangar filled with Donald Trump’s ex-wives.”

“We’ll see Newt, Ron, and Rand, maybe members of the Klan / But no Muslims or Latinos, cause I think they’ve all been banned!”

Watch the clip for more! And watch Colbert bring back his Colbert Report persona here!

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