Late Show Television

Stephen Colbert gives play-by-play preview of the Vice-Presidential draft

"If Trump picks running mates the way he chooses actual mates, he could go with all three."

Stephen Colbert and his partner, Steve Colbert, provided color commentary for the vice presidential draft on Wednesday’s Late Show. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are both expected to announce their running mates in the next week.

Trump will make his announcement Friday, ahead of the Republican National Convention in Cleveland. “It will be like Lebron James’ ‘Decision,’ except everyone in Cleveland will try to flee to South Beach,” joked Colbert.

Colbert donned a set of headphones to announce the VP draft picks. “This year, we’ve got some great young prospects—some just decades out of college.”

Trump’s picks include Chris Christie, Newt Gingrich, and Mike Pence. Colbert said, “If Trump picks running mates the way he chooses actual mates, he could go with all three.”

Colbert called Chris Christie “a brash power player, not afraid to throw some elbows. And, as he’s shown with the George Washington Bridge, the man really knows how to shut down the lane.”

“Trump is willing to take wild shots no one else would take,” Colbert said, discussing Gingrich. “Like Gingrich’s promise that he would have a moon colony by 2020 — a thrilling prospect because if Trump wins, that’s where many Americans will want to live.”

And Colbert could hardly stay awake while talking about Mike Pence. “Who the hell knows anything about Mike Pence?”

Watch the clip to see Colbert’s takes on Clinton’s veep choices.

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