Late Show Television

Stephen Colbert hits hard at Clinton with gloves-off takedown of email scandal

"You lie so much kids are now chanting, 'Liar, liar, pantsuit on fire!'"

Stephen Colbert took the gloves off on Monday’s Late Show to throw a few punches at Hillary Clinton for her email scandal. The FBI concluded its investigation of the Democratic frontrunner’s private email server last week by advising against criminal charges. But FBI Director James Comey first admitted that Clinton had been extremely negligent, and directly refuted many statements Clinton made over the past year.

Colbert used this as grounds for his insults. “Secretary Clinton, you’re so untrustworthy, Beyoncé is working on a concept album about you,” he said, referring to the singer’s “Lemonade” album about Jay-Z’s infidelity.

Stephen went on to say, “You look so shady right now that FIFA wants to hire you.”

“Top Secret? I don’t think you should be allowed to handle Pop Secret. I wouldn’t trust you with Secret deodorant.”

“You lie so much kids are now chanting, ‘Liar, liar, pantsuit on fire!'”

Watch the clip to see more jokes, and the biggest insult of all: “You’re so bad at running for president, the only person you can beat is Donald Trump.”

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