Video reveals Trump campaign was just supposed to be an elaborate prank by comedy writers!

Ever considered the possibility that Donald Trump’s campaign is just one big elaborate prank that went too far? This sketch from reveals the truth behind the most polarizing presidential campaign of all time: It was devised by comedy writers!

The video follows two anxious writers, and begins as one hangs up a phone and asserts, “We booked it! We are officially scripting a fake campaign for Donald Trump. This is gonna be so fun!”

To which the other responds, “Oh man, I’m gonna make him do such stupid stuff.”

The plan begins so innocently. They will write for a couple months, and then have an out. “I just can’t wait to see the look on everyone’s face when we go on Conan, or whatever, and we’re like ‘Surprise, America! It was all a joke!'”

But nothing goes as planned. We next see them after Trump’s speech about building a wall across the Mexico border, and the writers can’t believe it. “The wall bit played.” “The wall bit played? It’s a child’s idea of a solution to immigration problems.” “It played.”

Watch the sketch to see what else “plays” as the writers witness a harmless prank turn into something much, much worse.


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