Trevor Noah blasts Trump for tweeting presumably anti-Semitic imagery about Hillary

[comedycentral id=”682d886d-dbbf-4b1a-8746-c3dbc5c036ee”]

Trevor Noah blasted Donald Trump for his latest controversial tweet on Tuesday’s Daily Show. Trump tweeted an image of Hillary over a pile of money next to a six-pointed star that said she was the “Most Corrupt Candidate Ever!” The star and cash brought to mind anti-Semitic imagery for many.

“It’s as if someone told Trump he’s not allowed to be misogynistic anymore, so he was like, ‘Fine, I guess I’ll call her a Jew,'” Noah said.

Trump defended the image, saying the star was a sheriff’s badge, but the campaign still “fixed” the star, making it a circle, instead. Although, as Noah pointed out, a bit of the star is still visible under the circle.

“I don’t think Trump hates Jewish people,” Noah explained. “But I know that some of his supporters do, in addition to black people, Mexicans, Muslims — you know, most people. And Donald and his campaign don’t do a very good job of disavowing those people.”

“You may be trying to dog whistle to a certain group of your people, but you understand that your message is getting through to all of us. It’s a normal whistle, and it’s racist as shit.”

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