Bill Maher brags to GOP: Compare liberal California’s surplus to conservative Kansas’ disaster

On Friday’s Real Time, Bill Maher rubbed California’s surplus in the face of Republicans who say taxing the rich will ruin the economy.

“If Republicans are going to keep calling states ‘laboratories of democracy,’ they have to start looking at the results from the lab,” said Maher. California, by itself, is now the world’s sixth largest economy after it raised taxes on the rich. “Whereas states like Kansas and Louisiana that went back to the old trickle-down theory of ‘cut taxes on the rich and they’ll always do the right thing,’ are financial catastrophes.”

“After Arnold [Schwarzenegger] left office, we eliminated what scientists would call variables — in this case, the Republicans,” Maher explained. “Democrats from governor on down control every office and voting body in this state. So we can really study what happens when liberal policies are tried unimpeded. And the only thing I have to say to Republicans about that is: Scoreboard, b*tches!”

Maher compared California to Kansas, which is now in a recession after Gov. Sam Brownback (R) cut taxes for the wealthy.

“When he took office, [Brownback] said, ‘We’ve got a different way and it works.’ — and by ‘works,’ he meant it works the night shift at Del Taco,” Maher joked. “The band Kansas has more money.”

Fox News said California was insane for taxing the wealthy, assuming the rich would flee the state. Maher quipped, “I mean, what does Laguna Beach have for wealthy people that they can’t find in Nebraska?”

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