Full Frontal Television

Samantha Bee takes on Islamophobia by *Gasp!* actually talking to Muslims

"So, no big terrorism plots? Are you sure you're trying hard enough?"

Samantha Bee made an attempt to reduce a bit of American Islamophobia by, ya know, just sitting down and talking to American Muslims.

After the mass shooting in Orlando, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump called for further surveillance of Muslim communities, and suggested that American Muslims were implicit in the attack because they did not report the threat.

The problem with this logic, (other than the assertion that all Muslims surely know a terrorist or two), is that Muslims actually do report threats of extremism. Bee spoke with Kassam Ali, leader of the largest mosque in America.

“There have been instances where we were concerned about someone, but they didn’t really pan out,” Ali told Bee. “A member of our community came to the mosque and were concerned about their child. They didn’t like what they were hearing. But they’re not terrorists, and they’re not extremists. We went to the police, and asked the police to help us intervene with this child, and actually ended up getting the child some mental health therapy.”

“So, you actually paid attention to someone’s mental health issue?” asked Bee. She then jabbed at the right-wing media for continuously accusing American Muslims of not loving America, and asked Ali if he there was anything he would like to say “1001 times for people to ignore, but this time on national television?”

“American Muslims love America. We love what our country stands for, we are proud of our country,” Ali responded.

Bee interviewed a fierce anti-Muslim activist, who she called a “human man boob.” The hateful protester is known for bringing pig heads to mosques, because “Pig head to Muslims is like a crucifix to a vampire.” He then suggested shooting Muslims with bullets dipped in pig blood, a sentiment echoed by Republican hopeful and possible future president of the United States, Donald J. Trump.

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