‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ gets people to lie about Hillary then call her dishonest

On Wednesday’s Jimmy Kimmel Live, Jimmy’s ‘Lie Witness News’ team took to the streets to ask passersby about Hillary Clinton’s dishonesty while getting them to lie in the process.

A new batch of 160 of Clinton’s emails were released this week and ‘Lie Witness News’ asked it’s subjects to comment on the content of the messages. Of course, the interviewer made up fake content, like spam from a Nigerian prince and shirtless pics from Putin, but the respondents were quick to admit they knew all about those emails.

In an excellent bit of social commentary, the interviewer then got these liars to call Hillary dishonest.

“All she does is lie,” said one respondent, who claimed to have read about Clinton sending herself Edible Arrangements. “But you don’t?” asked the correspondent.

“I don’t, no. Never,” he responded.

“You saw that email about the Edible Arrangements?”

“Yeah, I did.”

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