‘Daily Show’s Jordan Klepper returns to Illinois to discuss budget impasse with ‘bickering muppets’

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On Tuesday’s Daily Show, Jordan Klepper followed up with two lottery winners in Illinois who last year did not receive their $250,000 prize due to the state’s budget impasse. Klepper returned to find that not much has changed in Illinois. The lottery winners have received their money, but the rest of Gov. Rauner’s state is still without a budget.

As a result of the Illinois legislature’s refusal to compromise, funds have been cut for mental health facilities and youth programs, schools are in danger of closing, and universities cannot provide financial aid to those in need.

“All human service programs are being cut and it’s an absolute disaster,” said lottery winner Susan Rick, who works in mental health. Her sister Denise, who works with homeless youth, agrees, “Because of the state budget issues, it’s hard to get them the services that they need,” she said. “No therapy, no medication, no nothing.”

To get to the root of the problem, Klepper goes to Springfield to meet with “bickering muppets” State Senator Daniel Biss and Representative Ron Sandack.

As Klepper asks who’s to blame for the impasse, the difference in the way the two parties approach compromise is apparent as Sandarack says, “He’s to blame,” while Biss responds, “We’re all to blame.”

Watch Klepper’s original report on the Illinois budget from last year here.


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